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When it comes to smartphone service plans, AT&T is no stranger to the country’s most advanced smartphone user. The company offers an impressively broad array of smartphone devices, and pairs those devices with some of the best and most innovative plans currently on the market. With features that range from high data caps to unlimited calling to any mobile device, AT&T is a high-tech, high-value player in the marketplace.

AT&T Coupons Offer Plenty of Minutes for Frequent Callers

Smartphones seem to have shifted consumers’ focus away from how many minutes their plan includes, but voice minutes are still an important part of selecting any mobile service plan. AT&T’s individual service plans start at just $39.99 monthly for a total of 450 minutes. Mobile-to-mobile calls between AT&T subscribers are unlimited, and those who choose this plan will enjoy 5,000 night and weekend minutes. Higher rate plans for individual subscribers offer unlimited night and weekend minutes, and the company’s highest-end individual plan offers unlimited peak minutes, as well.

att family plans
Family plan subscribers will enjoy a relatively low $59.99 per month entry-level plan. That plan supports up to three lines, and offers 550 minutes per month to be shared with each line on the plan. Calls between AT&T customers are free, and the plan offers unlimited night and weekend minutes. Prices increase as more minutes are required, and the highest-end option here is also an unlimited plan for voice minutes.

For both individual and multi-line plans, AT&T offers its unique Rollover service. Any unused minutes are carried over into the next month’s available pool of minutes. After several months of accruing Rollover minutes, it might be possible to stop worrying about overage charges at all.

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Sprint Smartphone Plan Review
Sprint remains as the lone U.S. carrier with unlimited, and un-throttled, data services for both 3G and 4G smartphone devices. This is considered the top selling point of securing wireless service with the company, and it has led to the perception that Sprint offers a really great deal to consumers. That perception lines up with reality quite well, as the company offers the right amount of speed, coverage, technology, and limitless usage that most smartphone users simply require in an era of high-data applications.

Sprint Coupon Codes Offer Unlimited Data

The wireless industry at large once believed in unlimited data for all smartphones. Both Verizon and AT&T offered unlimited data for a mere $29.99 per month, and Sprint offered a similar plan at a similar price. In the years since the release of Apple’s iPhone, however, both AT&T and Verizon have argued that it is simply not feasible to continue supporting unlimited data for all consumers when usage continues to increase.

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Verizon Smartphone Plans Customers who are interested in a Verizon Wireless smartphone plan are offered many options. Compared to other providers, the cost is a bit steeper, but the smartphones from Verizon all come with better connectivity and service plans. Currently, users who are looking for a smartphone from Verizon can get a contract for $80 a month. This contract includes unlimited texting and calling as well as 1 GB of data. Verizon Wireless and Samsung have worked together to come out with the Samsung Illusion for just $169.99.

verizon jetpack mifi 4620l
Verizon fans can also purchase the Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi to get broadband anytime and anywhere. This broadband solution is prepaid and offers plans that range from 250 MB to 10 MB. Costs of the Jetpack tend to run about $60 to $129.99 depending on which size is purchased.